Presentations at FAO GSOBI21

Masa Funabashi presented the followings at the FAO Global Symposium on Soil Biodiversity 2021 (GSOBI21):

Online presentation “Synecoculture and human augmentation of ecosystems: project overview” at the plenary session “PRIVATE SECTOR ACTIONS ON SOIL BIODIVERSITY/SOIL HEALTH

Poster presentation “Kinetic diversity indices for the characterization of
topsoil formation in natural and augmented ecosystems

Presentation at Ecological Memes Forum 2021

Masa Funabashi and Kousaku Ohta of Sony CSL, and Ryota Sakayama and Godai Suzuki of Synecoculture Association presented at the closing session of Ecological Memes Forum 2021.

Sony CSL より 舩橋真俊、太田耕作が、一般社団法人シネコカルチャーより坂山亮太、鈴木吾大が、Ecological Memes Forum のクロージングセッションに登壇しました。

The presentation is available on the online archive of the forum.



Article “Secondary Metabolite Differences between Naturally Grown and Conventional Coarse Green Tea” published from the Agriculture journal

The following article was published from the MDPI journal Agriculture, in the Special Issue Secondary Metabolites in Plant-Microbe Interactions:

Ohta, K.; Kawaoka, T.; Funabashi, M. Secondary Metabolite Differences between Naturally Grown and Conventional Coarse Green Tea. Agriculture202010, 632.

Metabolic map projection of Synecoculture-distinctive compounds (yellow) and conventional monoculture-distinctive compounds (blue) of green coarse tea (see Supplementary Material S17 of the article)