Publication of an article on Syneco Robotics

The following article was published in MDPI Agriculture journal:

Takuya Otani, Akira Itoh, Hideki Mizukami, Masatsugu Murakami, Shunya Yoshida, Kota Terae, Taiga Tanaka, Koki Masaya, Shuntaro Aotake, Masatoshi Funabashi, and Atsuo Takanishi. 2023. “Agricultural Robot under Solar Panels for Sowing, Pruning, and Harvesting in a Synecoculture Environment” Agriculture 13, no. 1: 18.

Opinion Article in BiodiverCities by 2030

An opinion article on Synecoculture and urban augmented ecosystems was published in the book “BiodiverCities by 2030: Transforming Cities with Biodiversity”:

Funabashi, M. Living in a Hotspot of City and Biodiversity. The Case of Synecoculture. P. 252-253. In: Mejía, M.A., Amaya-Espinel, J.D. (eds.). BiodiverCities by 2030: Transforming Cities with Biodiversity. Bogotá. Instituto de Investigación de Recursos Biológicos Alexander von Humboldt. 2022. 288 pages.

Two articles published in Measurement: Sensors

The following two papers were published:

・Masatoshi Funabashi and Tomoyuki Minami “Dynamical assessment of aboveground and underground biodiversity with supportive AI” Measurement: Sensors Volume 18, December 2021, 100167

・Kousaku Ohta and Masatoshi Funabashi “Complementary analyses of soil microbial and chemical properties and human observation on augmented ecosystems in urban environment” Measurement: Sensors Volume 18, December 2021, 100333

Article “Secondary Metabolite Differences between Naturally Grown and Conventional Coarse Green Tea” published from the Agriculture journal

The following article was published from the MDPI journal Agriculture, in the Special Issue Secondary Metabolites in Plant-Microbe Interactions:

Ohta, K.; Kawaoka, T.; Funabashi, M. Secondary Metabolite Differences between Naturally Grown and Conventional Coarse Green Tea. Agriculture202010, 632.

Metabolic map projection of Synecoculture-distinctive compounds (yellow) and conventional monoculture-distinctive compounds (blue) of green coarse tea (see Supplementary Material S17 of the article)

Publication of a Book Chapter from Springer Nature

Masatoshi Funabashi published a chapter “Augmentation of Plant Genetic Diversity in Synecoculture: Theory and Practice in Temperate and Tropical Zones” in the book: D. Nandwani (Ed.) Genetic Diversity in Horticultural Plants, Sustainable Development and Biodiversity 22, Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2019

This article contains the theoretical foundation and the results of the proof of concept experiments that are essential to establish a novel developmental and legislative framework for the sustainable use of plant genetic resources, overarching the protection of the natural environment and agricultural production mainstreaming biodiversity.

Get the final version here.

Publication on Synecoculture from Nature Research

Masatoshi Funabashi has published a perspective article from Nature Partner Journal Science of Food:

Human augmentation of ecosystems: objectives for food production and science by 2045

This perspective paper defines a novel paradigm, the anthropogenic augmentation of ecosystems, as a solution to health-diet-environment trilemma.

Based on this perspective, FOOD flagship project was established in the UniTwin UNESCO Complex Systems Digital Campus.

From 2020, this e-laboratory changed its name from “Open Systems Exploration for Ecosystems Leveraging” to “Human Augmentation of Ecosystems”, taking the perspective article as the landmark publication of the initial phase in CS-DC.